Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Reuseable Sheet Curtain"

Reuseable Sheet Curtain

This is the Curtain that I made out of old sheets.. It is about 5x5 and was a fun addition
to the wedding. We hung it on a curtain rod and hooked it up with wire to hang behind the
receiving line.. We had a back light behind so it really had a fun effect with the light shining through the white and the colors glowing also..

I made 11 rows of ruffles with 3 ruffled colors on each row.. I used blue, peach,pink, rust, olive green, yellow.. Her colors were mint green, peach, blue and cream.. It went really well with the
Vintage/Anthropologie themed wedding..

It took me hours to sew all those ruffles but, it was a fun project and I love ruffles too!

So, remember to Reuse/Recycle those sheets.. A little washing and creativity... The Skies the


Alisa said...

I bet it took awhile! Turned out cute!

Kara Ward said...

These would be so cute on my bookcase to cover my mess. The ones I have are so dark and depressing. I need shades of pink to keep me creative. Oh, how you inspire me and oh, how I have missed you. One of these days I am going to see you in Omaha at Silverbella-Kara