Thursday, April 1, 2010


Some more Headbands..

Made with lots of fun things:
Flowers made of old sweaters, jewelry, ribbons, lace, Millinery
Flowers, buttons, pearls, Feathers, old jeans, hankerchiefs, metal zippers.... Fabric: Tulle, Cotton, Satin, Velvet...
Do you love my Model???
My Mother and Child statue..
You think out of 4 daughters, someone would pose for me!
Well, I about had my little Grandson, Parker model for me.. (I don't think his
Daddy would approve of that! LOL!)
Happy Spring and Happy Easter!


kelly said...

I love the lace and orange flower headband, and the denim flowers too. Very cute, all of them.

Robin said...

LOve the headbands Caleen !!! I love the ones I got for Hill, she is going to love them !!! Thanks A million !!! Love Ya R

Kim said...

I love the headbands Caleeny!!! They are amazing!

Alisa said...

These are gorgeous Caleen! You should think about selling them!

Stefanie said...

Hey lady...showed my sis your blog...she LOVES the first w/ pink you still have it? would you sell it? i told her $10...let me know! thanks!

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

Hey there.. Im related to the MOST TALENTED woman in the world and she needs to come spend a week with me teaching me her tricks. A girl in our neighborhood started a business selling them and doing wedding headbands, hair pins and wrist bracelets.. you should think about it! You surely are talented! I want the jean headband.. the braided one.. the black & white one,, the pink flower one(for Cambria).. I'll be coming to see Kyle's baby soon - maybe I can spend a few hours at your house!