Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pretty Hair Assesories and Easter Pin....

I have been busy lately.. Making lots of things.. I have 4 girls and I decided to start making the cute Headbands that I have seen around.

Have you seen the prices they charge at the stores.. Wow!! I decided to try my hand at making some..

I have more to pics to share of Headbands, pins, necklaces, Hippie Bands etc..

Spring is the air and I am feeling good and creative..

I am getting busy with the Upcoming Wedding for a Friend's Daughter.. So many fun, creative
things I get to make... God Bless all.. Happy Easter Break... A Happy Easter to All!

A perfume box that I embellished
to put my "Headbands" in...

A Zippered Headband.. So fun and a
great useful way to use up all those
great metal zippers I got for 50 cents at a
yard sale.. Entire Bag!!!

I saw these Corsage pins on Elizabeth
Holcombes website.. She makes some
amazing things.. I decided to make a
corsage for my sweater to wear today for church..
It turned out o.k. Go check out her website for more fun, creative things.


Robin said...

Love the headbands Caleen !!!

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Love them.
Fabulous and I want one of each!
Happy Easter and Spring!

Alisa said...

Oh, these are all so wonderful Caleen! Your girls are going to love them!

Grandmotherfairy said...

Your corsage was so cute at church on Sunday...I didn't get a chance to tell you...but you looked darling!

O' Brother, Where Art Thou? said...

Caleen - They are amazing (just like you). You could teach a class or open at account at Etsy!

Lady Linda said...

Very cute Caleen. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us!