Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Coffee Filter Wreath"

This wreath I made out of "Coffee Filters"... Mind you.. I don't drink coffee.. I bought them at the Dollar store.. They were white and I dyed them a bit in some dye.. Just slightly..

I dyed them for 20 min. and then seperated the filters and let them drain a bit.Then I threw them in the dryer.. Watching them very carefully.. Didn't want to cause a hazard.. It really was easy.

The wreath I bought at the dollar store. I wrapped it in batting and tulle.. Then I just pinched the filters and hot glued them to the wreaths..

Then I just had too much fun embellishing the wreath.. I sometimes get carried
a way.. The roses were fashioned out of tissue paper and leaves out of old music paper..

A fun valentine wreath....



Robin said...

I can't wait to do this !!! Thursday? Can't wait call me !!

Alisa said...

Very pretty! I love the fluffiness of it!

Priscila said...

love this!!! Want one...send me one :) hahah!!!! I will be emailing you shortly!xoxoxoxo miss u sooo much!

Kim said...

I love your tablescapes. I love the blue shutters and the blue shelf. I want to change my color scheme so badly! love that ocean-y blue!