Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Minute "Handmade" Thanksgiving Decor.

That's me.. "Last Minute Gal"!! I have seen a lot of great "Yarn" wreaths in "Blog land".. I decided to make one for our front door...
It is a styrofoam wreath and I just wrapped it with some colorful Yarn.. It isn't "Perfect".. I couldn't get it straight.. oh well..
It has lots of things on it.. Bird inside a embroidery floss "Nest".. Rose pinecone, little pinecones, vintage flowers, felt flowers I made and stitched embroidery. Little "Acorns" I made by gathering some felt and stuffed with stuffing.. Ya, know what I mean..
Then hot glued a real acorn top.. Little mushrooms and a twig branch.. Yarn bow with little acorns.
I just added a "Thank you" card I had from my scrap stuff..
Saw these Pumpkins on "Danielle Thompson's blog.. They were so
easy.. I did poke my fingers a lot while stuffing them.. (Wear a thimble if you make some.. )
Our "Thankful" Twig Tree..
A "Thankful" Banner I made...
Have a wonderful, safe, loving Thanksgiving... God bless you all!!


Grandmotherfairy said...

How beautiful Caleen. I love the wreath...maybe you could teach us how???

Scrapally said...

your talents never cease to amaze me! I would like to make the fabric pumpkins...yes, you need to teach us!!!

Robin said...

How beautiful the wreath is !! and everything else too !! Come by and visit I'm missing my friend !! Love Ya R