Monday, November 9, 2009

"Being Grateful"

This is a Pin that I made for this month of "Thanks-Giving"..
I really love working with felt..
I cut some leaves out of felt and embroidered the blanket stitch around leaves..
I added tulle and linen-like material and made it into a a fan shape.. Then added
vintage little flowers and a squirrel.. I added some buttons.
I embroidered on linen "Be grateful"..
This is the time to "Count our Blessings"..

I love this month of:

Beautiful Colors
Nature Walks
Crisp Mornings
Hot Chocolate
Homemade blankets
wearing my "Uggs"
Making "Soup"
Slowing down

Enjoy this month of "Thanks-Giving"!!


Robin said...

Oh I love the pin!!!

The Bulletin Board is so beautiful!! You're amazing !! I am so grateful to you Caleen for the board, because it is drawing people to it, and we are trying to reach everyone with our activities and now people are coming to the board just to see what's you've done and getting the latest info in the process !! Thanks Caleen !!!

Grandmotherfairy said...

I'm wiht Robin...we have the most beautiful bulleting board in the church. Thank you for sharing you marvelous talent.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I love uggs too! I actually got a knock off pair and they are just as wonderful!!! I have also found that it is hard to get motivated. I've switched gears and am making Christmas gifts such as cupcake kits.

Alisa said...

What a lovely post, Caleen! I really like your pin... very cute!