Monday, October 26, 2009

"It's beginning to look like... Fall"!!

These are my Four Daughters.. Stacey 19, Lauren 20, Jenni 17 and Brooke 22...
My Jenni Dressed up for "Homecoming 2009"
as a "Munchkin" for the Float her Senior Class is doing for their Homecoming..

The "Fall" pictures were taken in beautiful "UTAH"... The four girl's went on
a "Sister's" Road trip to Utah.. My Niece Kirstin and Family took these beautiful pictures
of them while they were visiting them.. I just love them.. "Thank You" Kirstin!!

It has been a "Fun, Wild Adventure" Having 4 Daughters.. Yep... Where do you think I
get my beautiful grey hairs from?????

There can be a lot of Drama around here.. yet, I wouldn't have it any other way... They
really do have a bond.. They really do follow through helping each other.. So, no matter
what.. It is all...... Good!!!


Grandmotherfairy said...

Whata a fun time you all must be having...I love the pictures, the girls are beautiful!

Robin said...

They are such beautiful girls both inside and out !!! I love each on of them !! Great pictures !!

Scrapally said...

What beautiful girls! We knew that! :) The pictures turned out wonderful! You have a fun family!

Alisa said...

What beautiful girls you have! And such a blessing that they are so close!

Kara Ward said...

They are GORGEOUS! Oh, such a lucky mom you are to daughters. I wanted 3 girls so bad. Think of all the Mary Janes you went through. Heaven.

kelly said...

It seems a little unfair that they are ALL so gorgeous, or maybe that IS fair. How sad it would be to have sisters so pretty and not be!

kelly said...

Almost forgot, tell Jennifer that I was a munchkin for my homecoming float one year, it was a Wizard of Oz theme. She looks way better than I did. I think I wore baggy overalls and black and white striped tights!

April said...

Beautiful girls! Love the pics! Love your blog and craftiness!