Friday, September 11, 2009

Sweet "Birds"

Go here if you want to have the bird pattern....
Check out what Anthropologie employeesdid
with the birds.. for
a fellow Pregnant Employee

There is no mistaking that I Adore "Birds"... I have lots
of things in my home that have to do with"Birds'..
I owned a "Bird" a "Real Bird" that is when
I lived in Utah.. It's name was "Tucker Bird"
It was a beautiful Blue Parakeet.. It was
so smart.. I could have put him on
America's Funniest Video" show..
He could talk.. Everytime I came
in the house.. He would say"Pretty Bird",
Brookie, I love you"!!
Brooke was my first born, Daughter and she
was about 9 months or so when we had
The bird.. Oh, he could also Whistle like
no other.. Funny!
I saw this Mobile at the website, "Spool Sewing"...
I made a lot of birds that are now on the Bulletin
Board for "September" at my Church..
Birds make me Happy.. I love
hearing their songs and my most favorite thing is that
My Grandson, Parker who is deaf... Can sign "Bird" and
and show me that they are
flying.. Even Parker knows they
are a Gift from God.. They are amazing creatures!!

Have a wonderful Weekend.. Be Happy :)


kelly said...

Wonderful post! I am so excited to make some birds. I "went" and got the pattern and printed it. What a great way to use my extra scraps! Micah is asking for a parakeet for Christmas and I'm secretly very excited about that too.

Priscila said...

write me....want to see how ur are doing...send me an email

Robin said...

We have a parakeet named Bella, we actually call her "Crack Head" because she is so funny !! I too love birds !!! My BNB room has a bird theme !!! You are so talented and I too am going to make these birds for Christmas !!!! Thanks for sharing !!!

Alisa said...

Oh, those are cute!

I love birds too. They symbolize so many different things for me.