Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Welcome to the "Ivy Cottage"... No, I have never been to these beautiful "Cottages".. Yet, I feek like I have been there while reading this book, a fun, Children's book.. That is what is so great about books.. If we can't travel or go places, books take us to beautiful places... We feel like we are "Really There"!! So.. Come along with me and enjoy this delightful Children's book.. I purchased it 10 years ago at a "Yard Sale" for 25 cents.. Little did I know months later.. I would find the Doll, "Violet Pickles" at a "Yard Sale" too.. Enjoy!!

This is the Enchanted Home covered in Ivy where Miss Biscuit and Violet Pickles move to.. "The Ivy Cottage".. "Ruby Buttons" is introduced here...

"This is "Violet Pickles", "Ruby Buttons", and "Miss Biscuit"..

This story is about "Violet Pickles" She is a Doll. Her eyes are blue, She wears glasses. She has brown hair and Freckles. She lives in a big White House on top of Beacon Hill. Miss Biscuit is the Nanny and she is retiring.

Violet Pickles has never heard an owl hoot or slept outdoors at night. Violet can expect many suprises when Miss Biscuit, retires and takes her to the Country to live in the home her Uncle left to her. " The Ivy Cottage".. This is where she meets another "Rag Doll",
"Ruby Buttons".. This story is a series of exciting adventures..

EJ Taylor is the Author. Book copyrighted in 1984.. It is no longer in print.. I was able to find "The Thorn Witch" Online.. There are a few other books.
"Goose Eggs", "The Thorn Witch", and "Rag Doll Press".. I cannot locate the other two...
It is still a favorite book that I have read to my Kids.. They still ask me every once in awhile.. "Do you still have the Doll, "Violet Pickles?" and the books? Now, don't let my 14 year old know that, "Secret" information!!

I have never lived in an "Ivy Cottage".. We had Ivy growing everywhere in our yard growing up.. I love to play "Hide and Seek" there.. I also would sit there to think or get away when I was upset.. It was a fun place to be..

Books are exciting.. We are able to transport to different places and times.. We feel emotions and feelings while reading. We learn new ideas and concepts..

I hope you are enjoying your Summer! I hope you are able to read some exciting adventures .. Who knows... You may come upon a deserted, empty, enchanting, "Ivy Cottage".. I hope you do.. Either in your reading or In your Dreams!!

Happy Reading!


Robin said...

Ohhh I want to live there !!!

Jan said...

I am a cottage lover to the max too. Aww... Just feel right.

blushing rose said...

Love the cottages ... the sunset below is magical. Welcome to bloggy land. TTFN ~Marydon

Grandmotherfairy said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures!!!! Very refreshing after-burning-to-death heat!!!

Priscila said...

I miss you! :(

Lori said...

Oh I love the Ivy Cottage story and the illustrations are awesome! Gosh it was so much fun to peek at all your fun things! I love the vintage birthday to bits!!! lori

Ivy Cottage said...

Hi Caleen
I came across your blog and thought it was wonderful. I read those stories to my children and loved the stories so much, we have read them so many times and we never bore of them. I am so very lucky to have all the books and we treasure them...In fact these are the only books I have saved from my childrens youth. Mine too ask if I still have them. Recently I went to visit a family friend in Manchester Childrens Hospital UK, she was only 8yrs, and I took the books along with me. I started to read the books and before I knew it I had quite a small gathering of children listening to me and wanting more. I wish Mr E.J. Taylor would make more...In April of last year I opened a stationery shop in a town called Horwich and I called it Ivy Cottage Cards....yes and I have got ivy growing in little boxes outside..

Carole Mort

Ivy Cottage said...

Hi Caleen

It's me again!...Just read a little bit more on your blog...I can still get all the books from over here so if you need me to direct you to right place to get them...please let me know.

Take great care
Carole x