Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"My Space"!!

I just thought I would show you "My Space" that I have for making my Art projects.
It isn't a very big space but, it is mine and thankfully my hubby is gracious to let me use this part of our room for "Mine".. I have all my special things in this area.

Vintage Jewelry Boxes full of jewels
Vintage Millinery Hats
Vintage Millinery Flowers
Art books, Sewing books,
Sommerset Magazines
Tins found at Yard Sales filled with stuff.
Old sewing basket
lots of paper art for projects:
Old Cards
Old Vintage wallpaper
old vintage Wrapping paper
lots of misc. for Art Projects
Old jewelry and little trinkets for projects
old boxes filled with lace and trims
My journals
more Art Books and Decorating Books
Inspiration Frame (This needs to be a lot bigger!)
vintage linens,scarfs,dollies
(All purchased at Yard Sales,Estate Sales, Flea Markets or given as gifts!)

The old desk was found at a yard sale.. I haven't painted it yet. Kind of like the
grungy feel. My sewing machine sits on it and a black wood file filled with pictures
and stuff.. An old picture my Sister, Janine gave me looks like a Hummel picture.

On the white shelf is an old lamp base from my Grandmother. Gifts from my friend,Priscilla.. some more tins. Also vintage suitcases filled with bunnies and stuff.. Old metal lamp shades without the shade..

Well, it is a small space but, I am still able to make and create.. Something I really love to do.. I also have a closet full.. (Let's not talk about the garage!)

I am just grateful that I have my "Own" space.. It is a creative and fun place to be
and I try to use it a lot.. Thanks for looking..


Britten said...

Looks like the perfect place to be!! ♥

And I don't know if you have noticed but the latest way to decorate in the vintage, shabby, semi-modern style (which is very popular with a lot of Etsians who blog right now) is to have a pale colored or white walls with lots of colorful things on it like pictures, shelves, and furniture. You are oh, so hip, my dear. =)

kelly said...

So nice! It looks so tidy and decorated, I really like it.

Kara Ward said...

Oh, it is just lovely. I had to click on it to make it larger. So perfect...every detail. The suitcases are my favorite...and don't paint that is vibrant and delicious! Your space fit you!!!!! PERFECT!

Robin said...

How do you keep it so tidy? Your home always looks so tidy !! Someday i will have a tidy home?? okay maybe not !! Love all of your things and love your space !!!

Jenn said...

Oh, your space is lovely. The red desk is perfection and love the boxes.... this is my latest fascination... you have a lovely collection. Use that space as often as you can!

Grandmotherfairy said...

I love "Your Space"! It looks like the perfect place to create!

Alisa said...

My studio space is in a corner of our bedroom too.
Your space is very nice!