Thursday, April 9, 2009

" From my Friend" and "Happy Easter to all!!"

Beautiful trims.

"Ponder" made for me by a friend of Priscilla's. Beautiful..

Nut cups, chickens.

Vintage Baby Planter dressed up in flowers, netting, chick with hat,eggs... so sweet.

Sweet "Animals" print..

box with Sweet "Little" Easter..

Bird nest with bird made with all sorts of flowers, trims.. so beautiful.

Millinery flowers, keys, plastic bunny, vintage crepe paper, vintage hat..

Paper stuff, vintage wrapping paper, all sorts of great things for projects.

Porcelin egg with vintage jewelry..

Tasha Tudor Book "Easter" (Funny thing is that I gave Priscilla the exact same book)
Vintage Easter Hot pads..

Vintage Wedding stuff.

Beautiful Vintage Apron.. (I collect vintage Aprons too)

Bunny Hanging

Tea stained eggs that Priscilla made especially. So pretty with pretty flowers, crepe paper.. Really delicate and beautiful. I really need to take another picture.
This picture really doesn't do them justice. They are so pretty.

Young Women with lace, with Vintage wallpaper, ribbons, crepe paper, flowers, feathers... So pretty and is already in my bedroom..

My friend Priscilla and I decided to have a swap of our own. We both love the same kinds of things and we both like to hunt for special things at a bargain. We decided
to swap Easter stuff and other vintage things we like.. It has been so fun.. She really spoiled me and I love and appreciate everything. So much "Eye Candy" and loveliness... The Easter Bunny has already arrived for me!!.. Thank you.. :)


♥miss~mattie♥ said...

I love the craft with the Eiffle Tower in the background. I love Paris!!!!!! All of the crafts are just so cute and amazing. I love all of them. Thanks for sharing.

Lady Linda said...

What an assortment of fun Easter decorations. I especially love the hand stitched bunny hot pad. It reminds me of my grandma's house. I just had a thought, all your cute bunny's reminded me that I have some old Beatrix Potter books. Maybe they would make a cute display!