Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Easter deals"

Ok.. I always love a bargain.. The 99 cent store has some cute items for "Spring".. I found these things there.. The chick can be added to a centerpiece or just add a box or maybe a cute crown or some bling.. The bunny could be dolled up with some pretty flowers added.. I just thought they were cute and I could use them for something. The Mesh bag is a cute idea and the little bunnies could be used in a glass globe with moss and tiny egss.. I will leave it up to your imagination.. but, don't forget to look at the dollar store, big lots, 99 cent stores.. One things for sure.. they haven't raised their prices and with the economy, it is great to still get a bargain.

Easter gifts don't have to be elaborate. I saw these cute "Mary Englebreit" items in the dollar section at "Michael's".. Add some Chocolate and maybe earrings in the cute box and "Voila" a thoughtful Easter basket for a friend.

This also was in the Dollar section.. Cupcake ideas are all the rage now.. I Love Cupcakes.. This could be a cute gift just bake a few cupcakes and place on the plate and wrap up.. See the cute little cupcake lipgloss.. The magnets look edible.. ha..

Oh.. and don't forget the chocolate.. There is a lot of candy and chocolate at our local 99 cent store.. But.. don't wait.. it will be gone before you know it..


♥miss~mattie♥ said...

I can't wait till easter. Love the chickie background.

Robin said...

Those are very cute finds !! You are so appreciated, thanks for the heads up on where the goods are !!!

Lady Linda said...

Caleen, you got extra creativity talents when Heavenly Father was passing out talents! I really appreciate your cute ideas as I am kind of 'challenged' when it comes to putting things together and making them uber cute. Thanks for sharing!!!

Grandmotherfairy said...

Cadbury and Orange creme, what could be better?????