Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Spring Paper Arts"

These 3 ideas I found on 2 blogs that I love..
1. "Egg on spool" -- and "He is risen paper wreath"-- painted on white.com
2. "Tissue flowers in paper cone"-- whim and fancy designs.com

I had purchased lots of tissue paper at a Yard Sale for one dallar and wanted to
make some tissue flowers.. I also had some old wooden spools and saw the idea and had fun putting it together. Working with Paper is a lot of fun.. There are so many
ideas out there.. This was a fun, easy and cheap...

Have a great day and enjoy "Spring" before it has "Sprung"!!


Jenn said...

I've been thinking about makins some crepe paper flowers... now just need to get that intention into motion!

Jan the crazy lady said...

Those are just lovely Caleen. I love the He is Risen alot.

My daughter wants to know how to copy the Polyvore design. She is having trouble doing that with the big one. Thanks.

Kara Ward said...

Beautiful Creations...Love, love, love the spool!!!!!

Alisa said...

All three are so pretty!

Scrapally said...

you do beautiful work! thank you again for my spring things!

♥miss~mattie♥ said...

I ♥LOVE♥ your blog. It is so creative like your title of your blog. Lets be friends.

The trouble I am having is coping and pasting the picture in the big size. Only the little size when you go to drafts. You know what I am talking about???? Well hopfully you can tell me because I am going to make a cute one and use it as a header. Thanks. C

BTW, Love the background and the header. Where did you get your header?????
Bye bye.♥☼♥☺

Robin said...

The beautiful flower with the egg in the middle is beautiful hanging in Hill's room !! She was so tickled to get it !!! Thank You for taking care of my baby while I was gone !! Okay she is 22 but I still call her my baby?? She would probably not like that !! LOL