Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Happy Birthday Jenni '17' !!! "

Happy Birthday Jennifer... Hope you have a Great Day!
We Love you our "Little Sunshine"...

"You are my Sunshine, my Only Sunshine,
You make me Happy when skies are grey,
You'll never know Dear How much I love you.
Please don't take my Sunshine away."!!!!

In our Family.. All of our Children have nicknames... Jennifer is "Sunshine"
Brooke is "Scooter Pie"
Lauren is "Peanut"
Stacey is " Sparky"
Ryan is "Soda Pop"
Kenny is "Tin Man"
Kevin of course gave them these names when they were small.. Funny thing is they actually
fit their personalities so well!! Even though the kids are older their is a special feeling and their are
treasured memories when they are called by their Nicknames...

Hoping you are enjoying your weekend and relaxing and happy!


Jan the crazy lady said...

Have a great birthday Jenni. 17 is great.

Grandmotherfairy said...

Happy Birthday Jenni...what fun to all have nicknames!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Jenni !!! and congrtulations to you Caleen for raising such great kids !! We too are nickname people Hill has many nicknames and she hates me to call her by them in public!! I am glad your children like their nicknames!! lol Lisa Bunn gave her her most elaborate nickname when she was 3 years old it is "Hillarinkusanatinus" which came from Mr. Roger's neighborhood !!! We have over the years switched it up to many variations !! all the way down to "Dink" but my favorite is my pet name for her "Sweetie Petie" !!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!
17 is a great age:

Scrapally said...

Happy birthday to Jenni...(I'm late sorry!). hope it was a wonderful day! We gotta find someone who can make us those beautiful cakes!!! Someone start practicing!!!!