Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"A Year of Color" AND " COLOR" in Children's Book Illustrations ...

January Color: Blue.. Some clippings out of Magazines with some favorite Blue Things.. I have hardly any Blue in my Home.. I am starting to love this color..

My Collection of Children's Books dated 1900's-Current... Love Illustrations in these books..

I have signed up for Artsy Mama's "Year of Color".. A very fun site with Tutorials,
guest Artists, Art Projects.. Etc.. Each Month is a different Color.. I pulled my Collection of Children's books out.. I probably have 100 or so... My secret Ambition would be to be a Illustrator.. I love, Tasha Tudor.. Lois Lenski, Betsy Clark, Holly Hobbie, Mary Engelbreit,
Johnny Gruelle, Henricke Le Mair, Joan Walsh Anglund, Carl Larsson, (just to name a few)

I have found a lot of "COLOR" inspiration in these books.. All have different techniques
and ways to use color.. So, this year I will try to be inspired by many other artists and bloggers and I am sure it will be a year of Inspiration..

Who knows, maybe I will change my view of what my favorite Color is by the end of the year...

What is your Favorite Color and Why????

(P.S. THANK YOU ... for all the Love and encouragement about the Job Hunting.. You all are a blessing to me.. )


Robin said...

My favorite color is green, hence the car !! My 2nd is orange, hence the previous car !! I too love color and am going to change my decor this year. Thanks for the inspiration !!! Love Ya R

Scrapally said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I too love children's books! I told my kids I will be the reading grandma and their kids will get books with every birthday and christmas present! What are some of your favs? My favorite color is BLUE and PURPLE (can't pick ONE. So I like your month of blue. :)

Priscila said...

eeeeek love these books