Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"A look back .... 2008' "....

This is just a sample of our Year in 2008'... I made
this Mosaic on "Big Huge Labs.com... I want to make more mosaic's
because I couldn't fit everything from our past year... What great memories of
Trips, thrift store adventures, flea Market adventures, Swap treasures, Family fun. I was grateful to look at pictures from my blogs posts of the past year.. It made me feel very grateful and appreciative of all that I have been able to see and do and learn. Despite some very hard challenges in our lives, I feel very blessed and grateful. I have a wonderful Family and a wonderful life and I have come through some tough times with my Head held up high and feel loved and blessed by my Heavenly Father.. I know "with God all things are possible."..
Go to another fun website where you can see other's post their Year in Review...
Go to.. My Romantic Home.. (See my sidebar for the link..)

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Jan said...

Thanks for the mosaic link Caleen. I have never been able to figure those out. Looks so great. It was a great year of pics for all of you. :) Happy New Year.