Monday, December 29, 2008

"Christmas is over... but a NEW YEAR IS COMING!!!"

A Happy New Year to all of you !!! Christmas is over.. there is traces of it
all around.. We couldn't even fit the wrapping and boxes etc.. into the garbage can.. Our Lauren is back
in Hawaii and we all miss her so.. The grandchild, Parker is back in Rocklin with his Daddy and Mommy also.
It was the best Christmas ever, not in presents, money or things... it just was because we had Love and Hope this Christmas.. the most Important of all things!!! I am grateful and hopeful for what this New Year brings!!!


Jan said...

I feel that you wished it would have lingered a bit longer huh. I know that the new year will be a great one for you. We all have to believe that. I am glad you had so much family gathered around your beautiful home Caleen. Much love there. Take care and Happy days ahead.

Kim said...

Your blog looks fabulous. i love the whole look. But, of course, that's no surprise, huh? Let's all have Happy Days ahead - quoting your friend Jan.

Grandmother Fairy said...

I think my mom made me an outfit like that when I was little...maybe that is me????? Happy New Year, and thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas!