Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bargin Hunting !!!!

                                             This whole lot for $ 5.00..... Now, if that isn't a bargain!

                                           These fun old cards purchased at a yard sale... I got the
a whole box full for $1.00... I love the old vintage cards....
I am not proud to admit that I have to watch my pocketbook.... Things are tight but, I am
not complaining... but, I do have a love for yard sales, thrift stores.. I try to repurpose and reuse
things... Some of the items are a wall candle holder, brass candle holder, glass dome, ribbons and
seam binding, wire basket, glass/votive candle holder,small frames,.... After we move, I am going to decorate my home a little different... no more mediterranean... It is going to be an eclectic home filled with all the things I love.. My home is not a showcase.. it is filled with children, teenagers, adults, love, acceptance, happiness, learning.. It is a home with active people... Most of my life has been worrying about cleaning, keeping up, perfection... That thinking had about done me in.. So, 
this New phase of my life, I am learning to really LIVE!!!   It is a very good change for me... I will post pictures when we finally make our move... I have been creating a lot lately and I will post pictures later.... 

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