Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Another's Junk, is My Treasure'!

I love to Yard Sale.... These are some fun things I purchased early in the Am. last Saturday.... I came upon a Sale in which the Lady had Vintage stuff that she was literally giving away.. All the jewelry was 25 cents and all other items were a dollar.. The quilt was the most expensive at 5.00$ . The candlesticks were a dollar too. I also got a vintage old hard suitcase which has beautiful lining inside and great condition for a dollar.. While I was at the Yard Sale I overheard someone say.." This is a great sale".." Doesn't she know a lot of this stuff could be sold on EBAY"?.... I wanted to say.." Be Quiet!! We're getting some good deals here!" but, I just laughed instead and paid for my purchases and happily walked away with a smile ;)


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I LOOOOOVE THE JEWELRY. Yard saleing is alot of fun, especially when you find great treasures.

Jan said...

You have certainly been on a roll Caleen. I am impressed. Your Ebay win was victorious. You are always finding the perfect things. Good fun and good finds. Happy hunting.

Kara Ward said...

Just such lovely junk...I love it all. So much bling bling. Right up my alley.

Alisa said...

Don't ya just love other people's junk! Especially when it's that cheap.