Monday, October 20, 2008


I made this out of a peat moss cup? I don't know what it is called but, you find it in the garden section.. I got a bunch of them from a yard sale.. I added orange tissue paper, black tinsel, ribbons, jewlery, made a tag then put a little pumpkin I made out of orange
I took an old wooden box, painted it black, added jewelry 'bling' black velvet, black tinsel, ribbon, black flower I glittered, skeleton head I glittered and added a jeweled crown!
Swap stuff I sent to my partner. Candles, felt ghost, halloween papers, 2 bags full of halloween stuff..
Metal frame I altered. I spray painted it black, added old photo card of lady, black tinsel, bling, skeleton glittered and crown, flowers, ribbons, banner with "BE VERY SCARED"!! Happy Halloween!! A real fun project!!!
Sorry! Bad picture!!

Old wooden box I painted black then added ribbons, bling jewelry, big
ribbon, glittered skeleton, crown, flowers.. altered inside too with papers, orange tinsel, ribbon,
inside an bottle I altered with paper and label, ribbons, flowers.. filled box with fun things..
Some fun papers, photo cards, dictionary pages, music pages.. old vintage
wallpaper.. all vintage and fun... hope she liked it...


Jan said...

I see that you are finding a lot of joy in your creativity. I am so grateful for that. You are so talented girl. Start an etsy shop or something. You really should.

Alisa said...

love that frame!

kelly said...