Wednesday, October 22, 2008

" Halloween Projects"

A fun project I completed from Teresa McFayden's ''Bellaween".
She gave the inspiration and I made my own take on it.. I did keep with the black and white theme.. This is made out of foam core and papers, glitter, old photo of school children, lace, flowers, bling, crepe paper, distressing, ribbons.. etc... Kind of has an eerie feel about it but, it could hang anywhere..

This is a project I made from Teresa McFayden's "Bellaween".... It is made from Canvas board, used a doily and glued on and painted and distressed. Used letters "SCARY" glittered them to death... used old vintage wallpaper.. jewelry, ribbon and tinsel and ribbon..
I won't be decorating for Halloween this year.. We are going to be moving soon and my house is all boxed up and I don't feel like pulling everything out. I do love the Holidays and enjoy browsing through other blogs and getting inspiration. I have been making lots of things and that has been a lot of fun. I am loving the weather.. it is a little bit too hot here but, our mornings are crisp and cool.. The leaves are finally turning colors and it is beautiful. This past weekend I spent 4 days at my daughter Brooke, hubby Bobby and grandson Parkers home.. We had so
much fun.. We went to Antique stores, fun pumpkin patch, went to an Antique Faire, ate too
much! went on drives through the beautiful mountains, played with Parker :).... I really love it there and wouldn't mind living there.. I will post pictures later.. my camera card is giving me trouble... Thanks Brooke!!
for a AWESOME time!!! In a few weeks we are going to the Flea Market in Alameda... I can't


Jan said...

Love it love it.

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

I love what you have made.. always have to top me on the creativeness.. If we doule just get together. So, are you moving our way??? Where are you guys going? You have been working so hard on your house.. let me in!!! Love you guys. A little piece of advice on the move as we have moved many times in the past 8 years. Not everything you have now goes in your new house.. Don't be afraid to get rid of things you really don't like (that was my problem). i don't like to get rid of things until I can replace it - NOT GOOD THINKING. It has been so nice everytime a season changes to get rid of more things and more clothes. It makes life more simple. So have fun packing and unpacking. if you don' t like it.. throw it out! D.I. really liked us this year!

Kara Ward said...

This is just so cool. Moving is just no fun. Good luck. Try to rest before the move.