Saturday, October 25, 2008

More "FUN" pictures in Placerville, CA

These are some old children's books I got at an Antique store. Very old.
Some great prints I purchased at the "Antique faire".
I got about 60 prints for $5.00... WOW!!!
I love these prints...
Old Scrapbook that went with the prints I got for $5.00.
Vintage earrings I purchased at the Antique Faire.. $ 2.00.
Great Shoe buckles for $5.00.
Vintage Christmas stuff I purchased at the Antique Faire..
Sutters Mill
Kenny at Sutters Mill.
"GOTHIC ROSE ANTIQUES in Placerville, Ca.... Very cool shop filled with a gothic feel to Halloween.... You have to see it to believe it.. real Halloween Eye Candy!!!
Placerville, CA... A charming California 'gold rush' town named after the placer gold deposits found in the river beds, and hills in the late 1840's.. The city is centrally located between Sacramento, the state capitol, and south Sacramento and south Lake Tahoe.
A really authentic feel to this town.. Very fun!!!
Kenny being a good Uncle and pushing Parker!!
It really felt like "FALL" here!!!
This was the Mexican restaraunt that we ate at.. This was painted on the
side of the building... I just love when they do this.. better than graffiti... ENJOY... Have
a great weekend... oh, Brooke and Parker are here with us till next week... YAHOO!!!!


fit celebs said...
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Rick said...

The shutters on the wall painting really look like they're sticking out of the wall. A nice collection of photos.

Alisa said...

Love the prints of the ladies and the shoe buckles!

Heidi said...

What awesome finds! I love those sparkly shoe buckles and the prints are just beautiful. What will you do with them?

When I was in about 5th grade we went on a field trip to Placerville & panned for gold at Sutter's Mill. What fun that was!

Jan said...

You have the best tast and the best places to go. Love IT All.