Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A Halloween Wreath I made for my daughter Brooke...
A fun old basket I purchased at the Antique Faire...


I was tagged by Brooke (my daughter!)

6 Random things about me;

1. I have an obsession with Cinnamon Bears... I have loved those gummy things for a long
time.. My family knows it and suprises me with them... I have found them hidden by my
hubby all over the house. They have even appeared on my windshield.... I like
them because they are cheap and give me that sugar fix.. I don't eat them every day like I
use to.. I don't want to get sick of them.. I love them...

2. I will not drink soda out of a can or in a soda bottle... I ONLY drink soda in a cup with ice...
Don't know when I started that, but I definitely have an obsession with ice.. I think it is
a family trait.. I think it is because I think I can taste the can!.

3. I have to cut almost everything I eat into small pieces.. I started doing that when I got braces when I was 14. I couldn't eat with the braces so I started cutting all my food... Crazy things like,
pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, all fruit, that habit has pretty much stuck with me..

4. I have a habit of saying, " YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?" rather annoying... just ask my
Son -in- law, Bobby... I sound like a broken record.. I GUESS I just need everyone to understand me... HA!!

5. I was a majorette and in parades when I was 10-12. I twirled the baton and wore sparkly
outfits and marched in a group and had a women drummer in our group... Sometimes I was
in charge and in front.. It was quite fun until I started noticing Boys and I was embarrassed.
I quit my first year in JR. high. It really was a fun time..

6. When I was 38, I started running.. I wanted to be fit and healthy. I really loved it and reaped
a lot of benefits from it..When I was close to 40, I entered a Marathon in my City.. A really exciting goal for me.. I ran 13 miles and although I wasn't in first place( but, not last place) I was really proud of myself that I
completed it and ran for a worthy cause... I was really grateful that I pushed myself to do it and
although I don't run like I use to , I do walk everyday.. :)

Well, these are my 6 random things.. Hope you like!!


Jan said...

Cute basket Caleen. I would have bought that too. Brooke is going to love her surprise too. Cute.

Great tag. Proud of your marathon. Awesome. Twirl a girl huh. I can see that.

Have fun eating the bears. Bye.

Marja Kristiina said...

Cool info! I love running, too.

My mother-in-law passed away last Saturday, after a very brief illness. It was unexpected and tragic and I really, really miss her.

Life goes on, eventually. Thanks so much for your sweet comment!