Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Nothing like spending a"Monday" with my favorite Sister"!!

Yesterday, My sister, Janine and I went on a little day trip together to Cambria, Ca.
It is about 2 1/2 hours away from our homes.. It is a beautiful drive there.. We just had a great time visiting and sharing some "Sisterly" time together.. Which we don't do enough of because of our schedules and lives..
Cambria is nestled in the Pines with the Ocean in View.. It is beautiful.. The town has Antique stores, shops of all kinds, eating establishments, etc.. We went to Cayucos first.. It is about 10 miles from Cambria.. We looked at Antique stores and walked on the pier and saw lots of kids on the beach in their wet suits learning about life saving etc.. It was a cloudy day but, nonetheless, it was beautiful.
We had lunch in a french Bakery.. I had a Mozzarella,pesto, peppers, tomato sandwich on ciabatta bread.. It was Yummy :) Janine, had a Turkey Sandwich.. We walked around looking through the shops and just had a nice time..
We drove down by the water and while driving through the residential homes which are nestled just above the ocean in the Pines.. We saw about 12 deer.. We saw about 4 young deer. I believe they graze around the homes and eat their grass and it is just a everyday occurrence. One thing I love about the Homes here in Cambria, is that a lot of them do not have grass. They have plant bedding, bushes, trees, ground cover and pots with garden decorations etc.. It is quite lovely and probably low maintenance.
The Ocean is beautiful, tranquil and peaceful. We had a wonderful day and it was
a much needed trip for both of us.. I enjoyed spending time with my Sister,


Jan said...

Sisters make me so happy. Glad you take a little trip with yours. What a lovely place indeed. Those succulents are GORGEOUS. Love them.

Thanks for the pictures.

kelly said...

Wow, I totally thought that was a picture of you until I clicked on it and saw it bigger. You definately look like sisters!

Kirstin and Brett's Family said...

Thats a great picure of Jan.. Glad you girls had fun! If you are coming to BYU Education week..you'd better call or come stay with us.. our basement is done!!!!! If i hear you were here and didn't call.. you will be in big BIG tRouBLe!!