Sunday, July 13, 2008

"More Pics of My Weekend in Rocklin, CA "

This is another picture of my loot from the Flea Market in Roseville, CA.. I went to with my Daughter, Brooke.. She and her hubby, Bobby and my Grandson Parker live there in Rocklin, CA.. I spent the weekend with them and had a great time!!

This is a cute Historic Town of Roseville, CA.. I liked this Sign.. The building is old about 1930's I believe.

I like this Painted Wall with a Train on the Railroad... Old and a thing of the past!

This is the "Old" Historic sign of ROSEVILLE, CA.

I am standing by a old bridge in Roseville, ca.. Sorry, you can't see the entire
bridge.. I chopped it off.. oh well :)


Jan said...

I just love all you were able to do. You captured it beautifully. Sounds so fun. I love your finds. I would have grabbed all of those things too. I just love the looking, don't you? I don't have the plans to go to as many this year though. Just to far and the gas to get there is not fair. So we are going to stick closer to home this year. Maybe a couple by Seattle. We'll see.

Fun stuff though and have a great week.

Sugar Bear said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time!