Saturday, July 12, 2008


Isn't this little boy so sweet !! This is my Grandson, Parker.. I decided to take a trip to Rocklin, Ca.. to visit Parker, Brooke and Bobby.. I just love this little boy and miss him a lot.. I also was going to go with Brooke to the "DENIO'S FARMERS MARKET/SWAP MEET" in ROSEVILLE, CA on Sat.. I have never been to a Swap Meet.. So, I drove up on Friday afternoon and I am spending the weekend with them !

This farmers market has been around a long time.. There is 67 acres with all sorts of things.. Fruit, vegetables all grown locally.. Meat, clothes, shoes, books, music,
furniture, things for the home, plants, also antiques and old stuff of all kinds. We had a fun time browsing, and bartering with the sellers.. We spent 2 hours there and had a really fun time.. (I did realize that you need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.. also bring a tote of some kind.. metal shopping cart or something..)

This is the TREASURES that I purchased at the SWAP MEET.. I got some vintage jewelry, old postcards,coins, pictures, old children's book (1900's) and 7 books from the 1900's "THE CHILDREN'S BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE" filled with pictures and great illustrations.. I think I scoured big.. Especially because I didn't have any expectations and I got all of it at a great deal!! (under $23.00 for all of it)

I have more to post but, will do it later... I am in "Heaven" as I spend time with my Grandson, Parker, Brooke, and Bobby.. We had a very fun day!!! :)

P.S. Thank you for all the BEDROOM DECORATING HELP!! I appreciate all your advice
and I feel a little more inspired.. I am going to attempt it after we get our
backyard finished.. You know, 1 project at a time !!!

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Jan said...

Rocklin looks so fun. I just love flea markets too. There is just something about the rummaging to find the finds. Really cute pictures of you by the way.

I love the one of you standing by the Rosevelt place. Cute.

Hope all is going well. I think about you all the time. Hugs from me to you.

Jan. Started the bedroom yet? :)