Wednesday, March 26, 2008


On Saturday, I had to take my Son, Ryan to a play/vocal rehearsal.. I usually
spend my mornings on Saturday going to Yard sales with my friend Robin. I decided
to drive around while waiting for him to look for some good sales... It was later so, I
thought most of the yard sales would be done with.. Around here, 7:00 am is the starting
time for most yard sales and ending time is about 11:00 or 12:00 noon.. Most of the
good stuff is gone by 9:00 am.. I happened upon my first sale and I noticed a big box
and I looked inside and it was full of Millinery Hats... The lady selling them said to me,
"Please, take them all." She told me they belonged to a sweet lady who had passed on.
I asked, "How much"? She said "You can have the entire box for $5.00....!!!!
To say the least I was jumping inside with joy!!! Most hats that I have gotten
have been at antique shops. I am lucky to have paid $18.00 for the cheapest hat... Now,
they had lost some of their netting etc.. but, I didn't care.. I can now use the Millinery
flowers and vintage buckles and stuff.. The rest I will put around my door in the ART
ROOM.... I was a pretty lucky girl that day and happy to have only spent $5.00 for
12 hats!!!!!


Kara Ward said...

Oh, those hats are fabulous. I saved all my Gram's hats. They are on a coat tree in my entry way. What a treasure of a find. I am loving your blog too. A great connection. Kara

Jan said...

Caleen, my hats off to you for such an amazing find. You lucky lucky girl. Those are the best when it cheap and fab. I love where you live I think. It just seems wonderful. Yeah yard sales.

Junie Moon said...

What a fun collection of hats. And the deal you made for them is so smart.

Valita said...

What a great find indeed! Hi there I am your Junk drawer Swap Partner! Now we have something else in common! I love old hats as well

Kara Ward said...

I wished you lived closer too. Soldering is so much fun and not very hard. Thanks for visiting my blog. -K

Jerusalem said...

What a great find! I am so jealous!! I love it when I find a great score like that!