Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pretties for a Luncheon!!!

Kyra and Terry = Forever.......................
My niece, Kyra
wanted to have the luncheon after her Temple
Ceremony at my home... She would
have the food catered to my house so, really I did not have to do much.. Just move some furniture to arrange for more room. I borrowed a table from my Dad and I had a costco table.
I borrowed chairs from church .Friday after they were married, everyone came to my home... There were about 30 people and it turned out very nice.. I was a little nervous to put
that many in my house but, it was warm and cozy... We had a fire going, candles around and the food was very good and it was nice not to worry about that..
I made the banner... Flag banners on the table, "I love You" banner, and a wreath for the front door... It looked pretty and she was very happy because she didn't expect me to go all out...
I loved doing it for her. CONGRATULATIONS... TERRY and KYRA!!!


Kim said...

it's all so nice and beautiful and charming. I am happy that things went well. That is sweet that she wanted to have it at your house.

I would like you to teach me to make the banner.

It's all so pretty.
i need to see you soon. I'm in need of Caleen-Time.

you did great...i knew it would be perfect.

Kim said...

how did you get all the pictures to go in various directions on your blog post this time???

Tiffany said...

You did such a lovely job! I think you are just too talented Caleen!

You are a sweet Auntie to go to lenghts for your neice like that. Well done!