Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A GREAT FIND!! and Update on Parker James!!

I am a lucky gal.. I found this great find while browsing one of our local
antique stores...
They were hidden in a bookcase.. All 7 books!!
I must have sensed they
were special... I bought the set as that is how they were sold to me... I won't even tell you what I paid for them... lets just say.. It was a real deal!!! The books are leather bound.. About the 1900's or so... There are about 30 pictures in them and they are wood engravings and some famous artists i.e. Dore' .... They are poets, dramas, and well-known tales.... Even my Daughter, Brooke says that I scored a real find!!! I am not sure what I will do with them.. The antique dealer said I could sell the pictures alone and make a killing.. Now!! why? would I do that? for now, I will enjoy looking through the books and all the beautiful pictures from all the eras of our lives... Then, maybe I will be ready to use them in a way that would do them justice... These are "real art"... I am just one lucky gal!!

Note: Parker went through the hearing testing and he is
"Profoundly" deaf!!! So, he has neurological testing now and then maybe a candidate for implants... We are not sure.. I would be lying if i said this wasn't hard... Yet, I will trust in the Lord and turn it over to him.. Parker is loved and he can have
a great life.. I love him and my daughter and son-in-law, bobby.. We just pray for the best for all of them.. They have great support and I know this can work out for good.. "WITH GOD --ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE"!!!


Junie Moon said...

Your books find is indeed wonderful, so many hours of joy just perusing them are ahead for you.

Bless Parker's heart! I know he will prevail with this challenge because he has an amazing loving and supportive family around him. Plus, he has all of us keeping him in our prayers.

Jan said...

You found treasure. Way to go pirate.

barbara burkard said...

FANTASTIC FIND...!!! don't ya just love that feeling?

Sending best wishes and hugz for Parker!!!

i posted both my nests...and since i haven't heard from my first partner...(i've been blessed with two!!!) you get first choice ...either the blue mama birdie one or the pink diva birdie one..both are pictured on my blog...let me know!