Monday, January 28, 2008

"A sad Mishap--regarding Valentine Swap"!!

This is the box that I made for April: the Artsy Mama Valentine Supplies Swap!!
Today I just found out that when April received her box from the Mail system that it
was damaged, wet and torn... like a jiqsaw puzzle!!
How sad!! :( I was not happy to say the least when she emailed and told me... It makes
me a little upset because this has happened before, not personally to me, but my swap partner
had to redo stuff she had sent to me...
Why does this have to happen?? I mailed my package in a post office "worthy box "and was told it would be handled with care!!! CARE!! It also irritates me because it cost a pretty penny to send
a box these days!!
I don't mean to sound so grouchy!! I just feel so bad for my partner and that is not how I wanted
her to receive her special treats from me!!! Well, I guess a lesson learned from this gal!!!

I hope that April is able to enjoy what I sent her and knew that I put it together
especially for her....

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Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!! That box was one of my favorite valentines so far of the flickr pics!!!! That is so sad!!! After your email...I came straight over here to see your blog! I've got some fun reading to do! I'll be back for sure!!!