Friday, January 11, 2008

" A wish for "GOOD LUCK" IN 2008!! "

These rocks were stacked at Black Beach in Maui, Hawaii... Legend is that if the rocks are
knocked over the person who does will be haunted!!! (now, that sounds a little scary!!)

I am under the weather.... I have lost my voice-(I am sure my family is thrilled!)
I got sick on Wednesday, I could feel the signs coming on.. you know, achy, throat
hurts, ears hurt... I was thrilled when my hubby got home from being out of town
on Thursday... He is good to take over so I can rest and get better...

I know I can't control when I get sick but, I hate being sick... I have a hard time stopping
myself from doing things.. Today, after I rested I got out all my art magazines and started
jotting down inspiring ideas... I have been in a rut lately.. I have two Valentine swaps to
complete before February and I need to get busy.... This weekend I have to rest because
we are going to San Diego at the first of the week... I am hoping to explore shops, antique
stores, scrapbook stores and take pictures of inspiration...

Tonight, I am just watching my favorite Friday nite show, "Ghost Whisperer" and "Moonlight". My hubby is taking good care of me... The kids are all busy with Guitar Hero
and older daughters are doing their own thing...

My daughter Lauren gave notice to the family she has been a Nanny to since August... Things
just didn't work out.. She is still going to remain in Maui, Hawaii... She loves it there and has
plans in the works... I do miss her...

My Grandson Parker is going to be 7 months tomorrow... Where did the time go? He is
sooo cute.. Yea, I am a little prejudice... He is a real joy!!!

Well, I am going to rest this weekend and post more fun pictures this week.... Have a
great weekend friends!!!

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