Sunday, January 13, 2008

"I may never let her leave our house!!!"

This is our daughter, Stacey she is going to "Formal" tonight.. She is going with a boy and attending the
formal at his school.. They are just friends.. She went with a big group... She is a sweet girl and she has
been a joy. She is 17 and a senior.. My heart about burst when I saw her... Seems like yesterday she was
a toddler running around making us laugh.. Her smile is infectious.. She is a beauty, inside and out!! I almost
didn't want her to step outside our door... She is too precious and I hope she is always treated with respect
and honor and love.. She definitely deserves it.. I am grateful that when she left, I did not need to worry about
what she was going to do.. I know she knows it... She respects herself and all that God has blessed her with.
We are very blessed!!

Stacey on far left, and all the beautiful girls....

1 comment:

Monica said...

Oh my she is BEAUTIFUL! I would want to lock her up too
Sounds like she is a wonderful young lady, good job mom :)