Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Photos of "Vignettes" and "Paris to the Moon"

Our computers have been down... I love modern technology and really have a hard time living without it!!! I finally was able to put more pictures of my trip to San Diego... I hope you enjoy
the Pure Eye Candy!! You have to visit this store in Ocean Beach... Paris to the Moon is in Costa Mesa.. really down the street from Newport beach!! Paris to the Moon is unbelieveable!!
I could have stayed in there for hours just to soak up all the beautiful inspiration... There is so
much to see... They have Birthday stuff, vintage stuff, easter stuff, wedding stuff, birds and nests
and things everywhere... They also have a store in the back called "The Underground" Everything in there is outrageous!! I have never before thought that skeletons were cool but put
a crown with "BLING" On it and "WOW" It changes the look altogether!!! They have unique jewelry, crowns.. etc... I know that I definitely will be back there again soon!!!

I had to buy this cute little Valentine Mouse!! A Jennifer
Murphy original !! She is so cute!!! I received my Valentine Swap package today from
my partner, Angela.. I will post pictures tomorrow!! All I can say is Yippeeee!! for me!! :)

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FrenchGardenHouse said...

How fun, I live close to Paris to the Moon and love it, it's always so inspiring to shop there.
The other shops you have shown, I haven't been to! I feel a "field trip" coming up.
xo Lidy