Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fun Thrift Store/Antique Finds !!

I definitely have a problem with BOOKS! I love books of all
kinds. Especially Art, Craft, and Decorating books. I would be embarrassed
if someone raided my book collection- NO WAIT A MINUTE!!! I should be proud!!
I found this dated 1996', "VICTORIA" book and it doesn't matter the age because
it still speaks "CLASS", "BEAUTY" and "STYLE"... I will be out buying the new
"VICTORIA MAGAZINE" their return, out this fall!!! I also found this children's
book with pictures of children through the ages.... I found some other great things
but, that post will just have to wait!!! :)


Jerusalem said...

I am the same way - I can never leave good decorating or craft books at the store when I find them at a steal! I love the header - welcome back!

Tiffany said...

Oh I am EXACTLY the same way. You would have thought I won the lottery last week, I was so excited. I found two decor books and one huge holiday craft book at my local thrift store!

Your blog is lovely!