Tuesday, August 28, 2007


the DESERET TOWERS DORMS. I flew there on SAT. and spent the week taking classes
on spiritual matters, health, family, cooking... I learned a lot and had a wonderful week spending
time alone and being rejuevenated. I really had a great time and I am grateful to my family
for their sacrificing and allowing me to spend the week in Utah. My husband watched the kids
and school started on Monday so, I know it was a very busy week. I love Utah and I always have
a great time there. I also visited my sweet niece Kirsten and hubby Brett and their darling
kids. We had a nice time visiting, eating barbecued burgers and just enjoying the time together.
I also spent the evening on Wednesday with Kirsten, she treated me to a yummy meal and then
we went to a conceret at BYU. It was a new foot-stompin' hand clappin musical. It was the retold
story of the PRODIGAL SON. We had a great time and I am glad we were able to spend the
time together. I got home on SAT. and back to reality... haha!! I had to get up on SUN. to take
my daughter Lauren to the airport in L.A. She is going to MAUI to be a "NANNY" for a family
who lives there. So, life is full of events and we live a fast-moving pace in this household. I am
glad to be home and get on to life but, It is taking me awhile to get use to structure... I have a lot
of "creating" I want to do but, it will come at the right time... It is very hot and I am still a little
tired.. I am doing another fun swap; (SEE THE SWAP AT TOP OF THIS POST)


Kim said...

yay - you are back! so glad...but i'm also glad you had fun. we need to get together and you can tell me about it.

hope you took good notes! :)

fun about Lauren...is she excited?

talk to you soon...kim

Kim said...

i would like to get in on the swap...where do you find the information?

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hello coulnot find your email.. so had to come here.. your halloween swap partner is tiffany at: scrapadaisy.blogspot.com

Tiffany said...

Good for you, taking some time for yourself. It's more important that many people know!

I'm excited for the swap as well. I'm your swap partner, and I think this will be so much fun!