Wednesday, August 8, 2007


THIS IS STUFF I PUT INSIDE THE "TUSSIE MUSSIE" .. I have included some fun
things which I hope my swap partner enjoys!! I have never made a "tussie mussie" so it
was a little tricky but, I so enjoyed it and it really helped me use my creative imagination.
I included: 3 soaps I got on my trip to CAMBRIA, 2 antique door handles, ribbon, laces,
pages from a old french childrens book, something from the sea, little bird nest, post cards,
old lace doily, 3 bird eggs, etc... I really think I need my eyes checked. I thought this picture was in focus
and I guess it wasn't... I did what I could to fix it in photoshop but, this is what I got... I
already sent it.. Maybe my swap partner: JERUSALEM will get a better picture... I hope
she enjoys it !!!!


Beth Leintz said...

How pretty! I think Tussy Mussies are hard to work with too- I'm not use to gluing "in the round".

I saw you mentioned Cambria in your post- my husband & I were there about 12 years ago and LOVED it- I can't believe we haven't made it back.

(I'm assuming your talking about Cambria California?!)

Jerusalem said...

I just love everything so much! I am going to post it on my blog tomorrow so be sure to check and see! The birds nest is DIVINE! It just makes me happy everytime I see it, and it was such a creative idea to do a topper! I will have to add that to the next one I do! Thanks agin - you were a WONDERFUL swap partner and each gift you sent is such a treasure!

Vicki C said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog. I love your tussie mussie..beautiful!!!
If it's the basket and bird stamp you were looking for.. it's on this set