Monday, August 6, 2007


I get up every morning and go walking. Usually a one hour walk or so. I go on many different
routes and paths because I like seeing new things and I have enjoyed my
walks. I have time to ponder, to pray, to listen and be quiet. I think I got my love of walking
from my Mother, Ramona. She was raised in Utah and walked everywhere. You know, the
stories of ( "I walked many miles in the snow..!" ) I know, you've heard those stories too. I know, I
laugh about them ,but I do have a love and appreciation of the stories. I surely don't have to
forge through snow etc... but I am paving a way for my own stories. I enjoy this exercising as it
is time for myself and I get a lot of benefit from it. Today I woke up as usual sore still from our
big "Newport trip" but, I knew I needed to take a walk. I hadn't been but a mile or so from my
home when I noticed on the ground a beautiful blue and brown speckled bird egg. Now, you may
say "BIG DEAL!" I know, a few years ago I might have said the same thing. A few years ago I
stopped noticing those "special" things of life. I stopped looking around and could barely just get
through the day.... I am sure we have all been in that place at some time in our lives. Today, I
am grateful for the "little things" of my life. As silly as it may seem that beautiful bird egg was
a answer to a prayer that I had and GOD knowing what I need, put it there for me to appreciate
and enjoy. I know GOD is aware of me and knows what is best for me... I, today, noticed how
BLUE the big sky was, I noticed this beautiful broken bird shell, I even noticed and picked up
a beautiful blue, grey feather... It may seem trivial and insignificant but, for me today, it was
a firm answer to a prayer.. GOD loves me and is aware of me. He knows best, that I can not
exist in this world alone!!! I need to allow my life to be led by his hand and he will direct my
path to greater happiness. I completed my walk, and yes, the bird egg made it safely to my
home. I am grateful that I can be reminded of all the great and glorious gifts that are all
around me and that during this one hour time of walking that I can reflect and practice gratitude
and appreciate all that I have been blessed with.

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Sheri said...

oh I love what you said... beautiful and true... I've just been starting to feel the same way finally lately... everthing God put into this world for us to enjoy and we take advantage of it often. thanx for writing this and like the new look of the blog!