Monday, August 6, 2007


My lovely "TUSSIE MUSSIE" came today !! I think my kids were just as excited as I was !!
It is absolutely beautiful and all the wonderful goodies inside were quite a surprise! I am not
a very good photographer so, the pictures really doesn't do it justice... I appreciate all the hard
work and the talented artist that made it for me. Thank you JERUSALEM!!! I will hang it in my
little studio and it will surely bring me creative, artistic, luck!! (I sent yours today so, I hope
you enjoy it too!!) (inside there were buttons, daisy ribbon, old photograph, old pin, old pictures, old matchbox, beautiful embroidered doily, pages from Jane Eyre book...)
THANK YOU !!!! :) I loved it !!!


Die Hohe Dame said...

oh waht a beautiful tussie mussie... i still havent sent mine or recieved one yet.. i cant wait! thanx for the compliments about my acrylic painting.... i just need practice. i know! have fun with your new goodies!

Jerusalem said...

Oh I am so happy you are so happy with your Tussie Mussie! What a relief! The week I sent it was crazy, so I am so glad you posted pictures, because I couldn't remember exactly what I put in it, and I had hoped I had done a good job of picking out goodies and trinkets to send! What a fun swap idea!