Monday, June 25, 2007

This is "Ryan" , this boy can sing!!

Ryan is 11 and going in the 7th grade. He has had a love of singing since he was 2 years old
I think his first words were songs... He has grown to have a wonderful voice and can belt out
any tune. He has been in school plays, High school plays, and has had a little voice training.
He is a very special boy and he is loving and good and kind. I keep telling him that he must
have come to the wrong family, that he is too wonderful for us... hahaha.. I know he is not
perfect, and he reminds me constantly. I just believe he came at the right time and he continues
to help all of us in our family. He loves to sing in front of people but, he is humble and gracious
about it. He has sung at the karoke at the Mall, on the announcements at school, he has sung
to some DISNEY ACTORS, Ashley Tisdale from "SWEET LIFE OF ZACK AND CODY". solos
at choir festivals etc.. Yesterday, he had the opportunity to sing at church. He had been
wanting to sing a solo for some time. He sang "I KNOW THAT MY REEDEEMER LIVES"
I had practiced with him and he felt confident and good about the song. When he got up to
sing, I had butterflies in my stomach... I was nervous for him!! He had wanted to have a good
spirit while he sang and he wanted to touch someones life. We had even said a prayer and wanted him to feel his testimony strengthed of the truthfulness of what he was singing about.
He sang beautiful ,and on the 4th verse I noticed he had that look
that he may cry. (he had never done that before) The feeling in the room was of quiet peace
and reverence and I believe the spirit bore witness to many.. He started to cry and could not
sing the last sentence of the song. I know that he felt the spirit and I know it bore witness
to him.. It was very touching and our whole family was crying and we had more love for him
at that moment.. It was very special and I know that it was suppose to happen the way it did.
I cherish moments like this and they are few ,but I remember and recall them many times
when I am feeling down and worried about my family. I know that Father in Heaven answers
prayers and that he loves us and wants us to be happy. I was very happy, and I really was
most happy and proud of RYAN...

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Kim said...

Caleen...he sings so well! His song on Sunday was so wonderful. I was already you know...and his song just comforted me so much. Royce and I talked about his song several times as we drove to the coast. It was amazing to us both. I think he's got a lot to offer the world with his voice. I love hearing him and I hope he'll sing in church again soon. Tell him it healed my heart.