Saturday, May 5, 2007

Psst.... I heard through the grapevine... that something exciting is happening.. Well.. Iam
excited... VICTORIA MAGAZINE is being PUBLISHED AGAIN.... I am so excited I can
barely contain myself.. I know I am an obsessed magazine subscriber but, I have almost
every copy that ever came out from them. I even use to scour thrift stores, antique stores
just to find a copy, especially if I missed it on the newstands. One time, I went in an antique
store and I found about 10 copies of different months and I bought all of them. The lady
who sold them to me was almost mad that I bought them... I guess she loved to look at them
so much she was hoping they would never sell... oh well, I heard that about OCT O7' they
will be out again and I am telling you I will be the first in line to get them... I even made 4
INSPIRATION BOOKS out of them by cutting articles and pictures out... I need help :)


Kim said...

It should come as no surprise to you that I LOVED VICTORIA magazine too. I had every single edition since the premier. and then....they discontinued it and i was sooo sad for months.

I can't believe it could be coming back. Where did you hear this? If you ever see any forms to submit to order it...let me know or get me one too.

I cut all my old Victoria's up for my files and then felt so sick that i had ruined the magazines, so my mom gave me all of hers.

How come I didn't know this about your Caleen?

Kim said...

I meant..."how come I didn't know this about YOU Caleen?"