Tuesday, May 1, 2007


The picture is of my sweet mother, Ramona. It is an old picture of her in her teen years.
I don't have alot of pictures of her as a young woman or girl, for that matter. She died in 1991, at age 62, I was 30 years old with three young children at the time. It was a very hard time for me.
I really needed her at that time and she would have been so influential and helpful to my family. I don't think we realize all that our mothers do. They are the glue that holds family's together. My mother died of cancer after courageously battling it for quite sometime. I had the greatest mother ever. No one could ever replace her. She was and will always be themost loved, cherished and
christlike person I have ever known. I have had to grow up alot in the past 16 years. I have had to look within myself to change alot of things about myself that are negative and look to the Lord for
his direction and guidance. I have felt the love and spirit of my Mother many times and that love
has sustained me many times over. She has been a example to me how to live my life better and
to never give up, no matter what comes my way. My mother was alot of fun and she played with
us alot and read to us, sang to us, made barbie doll clothes for us, took us places. I always felt
special with her. She always made me feel loved. We had those special moments that mother, daughters have where we could laugh about something and it was our secret... She was easy
going, even-tempered. I can still feel her sweet touch of her hand and her big hugs. She was
a small, petite woman but so warm and tender. My only regret is that I wish at times I would have
hugged her more, told her I loved her and never, ever tookher for granted.... My hope for all children, young adult and older never forget that God gave them the Mother they have and to love, cherish and spend quality time with her and build a bond that will never be broken, it is eternal.
I am a lucky girl to have the Mother I have, mostly blessed. Even though she has gone to a higher
place, a better place, I know.... I WILL BE WITH HER AGAIN FOREVER.... I am looking forward
to that day. Until then, I will live my life better each day and enjoy each day as I know that is what
she would want me to.


Cheri said...

You don't know me...I'm a friend of Kim's...and I wanted to thank you so much for talking about your mother...I just lost mine at the end of January, and it has been so hard. I know we will be together again for eternity, but...I just wish for one more talk, one more anything at this point...

Kim said...

awwww Cheri....that is so sweet.
and Caleen....what a beautiful sentiment. 2 of my favorite people meet in blogland. So sweet. The picture of your mom Caleen looks just like you!

I will love my mom MORE just because of what you two have expressed here. She had a colonoscopy today and didn't even tell me!

love you guys!

Kim said...

Hi Caleen....

I'm not at Cinco de Mayo because I'm babysitting my grandkids tonight.

Leslie and I will be at Brookie's shower...I keep forgetting to tell you...so, this is my RSVP.

it will be fun.