Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Spontaneous Trip to Half Moon Bay!!

Tuesday morning, Brooke (my oldest daughter) and I decided to take a little
trip to one of our favorite places to visit. "HALF MOON BAY" located about
45 miles from San Francisco. It is about 2 hours and 45 minutes from our home.
We left a little later than we wanted but really, it was o.k. it was a very un-
planned trip anyway. We got to "HALF MOON BAY" about 12:30 pm . We were
so hungry so we ate at a bakery/cafe and I had a "Garden Sandwich" Yum!
Then we spent a few hours looking in the various shops around this quaint town.
It was beautiful weather about 76 degrees or so, sunny, a little breezy but a
perfect day. The ocean is a few minutes away from the town and I guess the
reason I love it there is because there is the mountains right there with farming
and down below is the beautiful ocean. It is quite different than most beach
areas we go to. We found some exciting things and gained some great inspiration.
The flowers, plants, trees everything grow so beautifully. They don't have the
hard hot summers like we have. Everything is grown well there because of that
beautiful ocean air. We took a drive to "Pacifica" to find some more Antique
stores and found one there. We went to a "RITE AID" there to get a good ole'
ice cream and 'yuck' it was so old and gross we didn't even eat it. What a
Back to HALF MOON BAY and we took some pictures of some of the sites there.
We also went down by the ocean for a little to take some pictures and take
in the smell and sounds of the ocean.... We had a great day and went to a
beautiful place. We also had a good time together, mother and daughter...
Now we are excited to glean from what we saw and start creating.....

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Kim said...

I hear Half Moon Bay is wonderful. I'm glad you got to have a spontaneously fun time with your daughter! So wonderful! I want a Garden Sandwich....heehee.