Monday, April 23, 2007

I had a great Saturday, I went to a Women's Conference. The focus was having a positive
outlook on ourselves and our lives no matter what trials we are going through or have been
through. That there is a purpose for all things and it is in our attitudes what we learn and make
our life to be. I absorbed everything like a dry sponge. I know I really needed the positive words
and love that I felt. Marnee Seamons, talked about the MEDIA IMAGE vs. GOD'S IMAGE of us.
I pondered alot what she said..and felt a good feeling come to me. I wish my Daughter's could
have heard her remarks. I decided to go home and on Sunday after church have a family home
evening about the message I received. I knew I didn't want to lecture but I wanted to have a
good discussion with all of them, including my 2 sons. I knew Kevin could give his feelings too.
Well, It was a wonderful Sunday and after going with Lauren to the "WELCOME TO ACADEMY
WARD DINNER" the Bishop and Pres. Barrus came to visit our family :) The day just kept
getting better.. Well, we had a wonderful family night and had a wonderful discussion and I
really felt our entire family benefitted from it. All because Marnee Seamons had a wonderful
spirit about her and had planned and prepared herself.. SO- I wasn't Marnee, but , I felt
inspiration and the desire through her. I went to bed knowing that no matter what, we love
each other and will never give up in this life... we will continue to endure and desire to happy
as God wants us to be. Today is Monday and I have Hope and joy today...

-Richard l. Evans


Kim said...

did Marnee have any handouts that you could copy and post here or email me? Teri Stringham mentioned 10 points of comparison that Marnee handed out and I've been anxious to read them.

So glad you had such a nice day. You are a great mother and work so hard at all you do.
and you are a success more than you realize.

I am happy to be friends with you too. I have missed you.

Kim said... you have any "cowboy" type clothes that I could borrow for Sean to wear to school this friday for their Hoe-Down pictures? He has nothing. I was just thinking like a denim shirt...or a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat if you have one. I know you probably haven't kept all your boys littler clothes, but thought I'd ask just in case. thank you Caleen....