Friday, March 9, 2012

Sketch and Paint!

First I sketched out my design.
Since I am not very confident in my drawing abilities.. I
just decided to go for it!  I changed the design
a little. 

This is the finished Painting..
I think it turned out pretty
"It's tough being King!"
I guess I am going to keep practicing.
I really enjoy learning new techniques
and forcing myself just to "Let Go" and
Not expect Perfection!  
After all, I am completely far
from Perfect.. 


Grandmotherfairy said...

Caleen, I am so are so talented...I love you painting,so cute!

Scrapally said...

your talents never cease to amaze me! that turned out great!!!

Alisa Noble said...

Aww, that's darling, Caleen!

kelly said...

That is so cute!