Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's in your Tins?
Yes, I collect tins of all kinds and shapes.
I especially love anything French. Almost
all my Tins have some little Treasure in
them.. Take a Look! 

Old glass bottle tops and old clothespins 
Love this tin and the color and images on it.
This has old key locks and old hinges and door knobs and old keys
and old watch. face.
Collecting Tins is fun.  Treasures inside make
it even more exciting.  I really love to go to
Yard sales and find fun treasures. It is always
a mystery as to what someone who had these 
treasures  were like and what there
life was like.  After all,  Another "Person's Junk
is Another Women's Treasure"! 
"Beauty is in the "Eye" of the Beholder"!


Lynnae said...

Your tins are lovely. I don't collect, but do have a few. I opened one recently that I hadn't used for 23 years and inside it smelled like the old house and town we lived in then. I keep paint supplies in some of them.

Robin said...

I love the tins too, but I think you're the treasure !! hehehe