Monday, December 20, 2010

"Purses, Purses... Everywhere"!

Sorry, for those of you who are bored with so many posts of my Boutique.. :(
Just wanted to show you some of the "Purses" that I Sold ...  I " Love"
making purses...

Most are made of Black, Camel or Creme Burlap.. Lined inside and with ruffles,
flowers and other Embellishments..   They are so fun to make.. I also made some cotton ruffle bags..

Hope you are enjoying the last days before Christmas..  Hopefully you are all being "Nice" and  not " Naughty"!  I'd say "I" am somewhere in
between!   (Just don't ask my Family!)  ha.. ha..   Happy Holidays!


Alisa said...


Merry Christmas!

Sarcie said...

Your purses are stinkin cute!!! so talented!!

Scrapally said...

I love seeing your homemade things! Especially since most of them were sold by the time I got across the street! you are very creative Caleen! Merry Christmas! You are NICE all the way!!!

Michele said...

so cute! I am a sucker for anything rosette-esque! adorable!