Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Burlap/ "Fair-Fall" Wreath

I call this a "Fair/Fall" Wreath.

The fair is coming soon.. This is my
rendition of a Fall/Fair wreath.
Here are the instructions if you are

Foam Wreath (Dollar Store)
Old pair of Jeans
 Quilt Batting
Buttons or jewels
Old Quilt
Hot Glue Gun
Needle and Thread.

Directions: Cut strips of batting and wrap around wreath ,
hot glue in place. Next, cut strips of burlap and wrap around
wreath till no batting is showing. Hot glue to secure.
Take an old pair of jeans and cut 3" strip from the legs of the jeans. sew down the middle of the 3" strip and gather it. pull threads till gathered enough. Then, hot glue jean ruffle in middle of the wreath.Cut different shapes of flowers out of quilted material and muslin. Use thread to secure about 4-5 flowers together. I made a template for a 4" flower shape and a 3" flower shape. Sew all together with a button.(It went, 3 " quilted flower, 3 " muslin Flower, 4" Muslin Flower, 4" quilted flower).(or whatever you'd like) Use a 6 " piece of lace and use a needle and thread and gather the lace and tie to secure.. (so it looks like a flower) put a button in the middle. Hot glue all the quilted flowers and lace flowers to wreath as desired. Make a bow out of burlap and add extra lace to the bow for fun. Put the lace flower in the middle .Cut a 3 " strip of burlap to use to hold the wreath to secure to the door. (or where ever you like)
Next.. I used Glimmer Mist "Sand" and sprayed it all over
the wreath to add a Vintage/Old look to the wreath.

A Pretty Fair/Fall Wreath!


Mrs A. said...

This is gorgeous Caleen. Just about to get started on the victorian cuff and this has given me ideas.

Honey Lamb and I said...

This is so up my ally!!! I love everything about this wreath!!!!

Lady Linda said...

So pretty Caleen. Love how you repurpose things and give it a new fun life!

Alisa said...

It's wonderful, Caleen and Fair is the perfect name for it!

shanna said...

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Priscila said...

Make me one! I want one!!!!!!! This is beautiful!