Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sewing a Card and a Ruffled Scarf...

 A Card I made for Madison for her 18th Birthday. She is our Family Friend! I had an old "Cabbages and Roses Catalog.. The Catolog is made up of seperate thick cardstock/like cards. They advertise each item on a card. I took the card and covered the front with some material then I sewed on the edges and added an old vintage card and some other scrapbook papers.. I sewed it on and added flower and bow and ribbon.. I call it "An Artful Card"!  I sewed another card with a cool picture on the back so to hide my sewing stitches..   I can't see buying a card at the store.. So, with no money spent and 15 min. of time..  "No Explanation needed"
 I made an Elastic Ruffled Black Scarf for Maddy... I really love making these.. So Easy~Peasy!
 Have a Great Weekend.. It is so nice today.. I was actually freezing this morning.. I was out Yard
 Sales with my Friends and my Hands were frozen !   We can't get use to it though.. heard it will be in
the 100's again soon  :(

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Lady Linda said...

My daughter Jennifer and I actually bought ruffled scarves like the kind you make, they were not cheap!!!! Good for you for figuring out how to do it!!!! And another wonderful thing is, you could make them in any color or pattern you like.