Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ruffled Linen Scarf with small Rosettes...

 Hey.. Just wanted to show the  "Ruffled Linen Scarf with Small Rosettes" ,  I made.
I just used white Elastic Thread and I put it in my machine like regular bobbin thread but, wind by hand rather loosely. Then I  and used my
regular white thread on top of my machine.  I loved how it turned out. I added some small rosettes
with pearl centers..  I think I am in "Ruffle Heaven" :)   Hope you Like!
                                  I am going to the Lovely Beach tomorrow.. Cambria sea in the Mts.
         SHHH....  Don't tell anyone.. :)  Just a day trip with my Daughter, Lauren...  I will post
 Pictures when we get back...  Chow Friends :)


TinyBear said...

Your scarf is soooo beautiful Caleen - love the color
~ Tina

Lady Linda said...

Love the scarf! You are so creative Caleen, keep on inspiring the rest of us.

Alisa said...

Oh wow! It's so gorgous, Caleen!!

kelly said...

I am not a huge scarf fan but I LOVE that one. It is the prettiest scarf I have ever seen and it will go with so much!

Kim said...

i want a scarf!!!! i really do! it's fabulous!!! you are my inspiration!