Friday, August 20, 2010

Presents for a special Friend!

I took an old hand mirror and altered a bit by adding lace, seam binding, ribbons, flowers and feathers.. The caption read on the back.. "The eyes are the Windows to the Soul".. My Special Friend, Michelle was having a special birthday.. These are some things I made and gifted to her.. She is very special!This is a fabric sewed, quilted wall hanging.. There is a lot added to it.. But, I won't bore you.. You can see it for yourself.. It was fun making for her..  "Dream"   Just for "Michelle"
  I made a Scrapbook page for her. Her Hubby asked all her friends to make a scrapbook page for her.. I made a few other things because I think she is very special!  On the page, I added a "Betsy Clark" print.. added vintage wallpaper and children's fabric and sewed it on the page.  Then I gathered material and sewed it to the page.. Then cut out letteres that said.. "Forever Friends".. I added flowers and ribbons.. You can
see the rest... A Crafty, Scrapbook page... A "Caleen" Only.. Original... LOL!!


Honey Lamb and I said...

I picture you working night and day on all of your amazing creations!!! You produce so many beautiful things! What a lucky friend you have:)

kelly said...

You are so sweet! I love looking at my presents from you, you are a craft master.

La Doña Jenny said...

How adorable...your friend is very lucky to receive such pretties from you. Take care.